Are Facebook ads outing gay users?

Earlier this week, we learned of a vulnerability in Facebook's targeted advertising system that could reveal users' sexual orientation to advertisers. In it, Korolova describes how she used a highly-specific Facebook ad campaign to figure out one female user was gay, even though her orientation was set to "friends only.

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Are Facebook ads outing gay users?

Facebook does demonstrate some understanding that the information is sensitive and prone to misuse. Facebook says any ad that makes assumptions about a user's sexual orientation is violating rules. Exclusive: Humans placed in suspended animation for the first time Why the medicine you take could actually be bad for your health CO2-guzzling bacteria made in the lab could help tackle climate change One in 16 US women were forced into having sex for the first time Pirate party prepares for first major win in Iceland elections.

Are Facebook ads outing gay users?
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