Imagine if Richard Curtis wrote a film with gay lead

Blue Boy - LGBT Short Gay Film 2019

It hit the number one spot at the end of May and stayed there until October! Minghella died a few days before it was premiered on the BBC in March We had to spend an hour in a studio to do one impression of Long John Baldry and one of the Everly Brothers.

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  • Bridget Jones's Diary. I have written about David Cassidy in this blog before link here as my first three posts ended up being about artists called David — Bowie , Davy Jones of the Monkees and David Cassidy.
  • Richard Curtis CBE born 8.
  • Director Daldry and writer Curtis struggle to balance the crowd-pleasing aspects of the film with the seriously nasty realities of how people rampantly exploit the poor in Brazil and everywhere, obviously. Hopefully got it all out of my system now but oh my, listening to the mature Joni Mitchell again, really tugs at the heartstrings.
  • But it's not long before the two very different communities are united in the battle to keep the mining community alive. When a Romanian migrant Alec Secareanu comes to work at a farm in Yorkshire, the sexually confused son of the farmer Josh O'Connor is drawn to him.

Writer Catherine Johnson, who worked with Dibb on the script, has also lived in and around Hackney for most of her life. And I guess Andie gives up her job as an international spy to live happily ever after with Hugh and their new baby, no wedding rings required. Everybody else is trying not to cry.

Imagine if Richard Curtis wrote a film with gay lead
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