So the ubiquitous gay men

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  • I think gay bars are a relic of the past, and trying to hold onto a closeted culture that is at odds with the openness that comes from being out and proud in the real world. Spears is unlikely to have noticed one nasty T-shirt through the love heaped on her that day.
  • A new study suggests witnessing death, not just deployment or combat, raises soldiers' risk of suicide. Studies have found that a man without older brothers has about a 2 percent chance of being gay, but one with four older brothers has a 6 percent chance.
  • Ace and Gary stop Bighead's and Queen Serena's evil scheme. Skinner's ideas aren't anywhere near conclusive—they form what scientists call a toy model, one meant to elucidate the concepts but not ready for rigorous experimental tests.

All that I do know is that when I am out in the real world I get treated with more respect and appreciation than when I go into work. Your reply is remarkably hypocritical. Alcohol and depression and sex can be a lethal cocktail. They just wanted to silence her. Male fetuses carry male-specific proteins on their Y chromosome, called H-Y antigens.

So the ubiquitous gay men
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