Essentials for Gay Bali

Spas — You will be amazed at how many spas are in Bali and how cheap it is to get a massage! Negotiation is key and it may be best to ask your hotel for similar services to compare prices. Our whole family starts taking a daily probiotic, Inner health or Swiss Inner balance weeks before we leave to help balance our insides so that we can try to avoid stomach upsets and and travellers D, due to change in environment and diet.

Bali does not have a tipping culture and tipping is not expected. Need a cute skirt?

You need to let them know that being a gay

All the staff are men, who are trained in the art of massage They also provide a call-out service if you want to have a massage in the privacy of your hotel room…! Practice good road measures, honk before you make turns and overtake.

Tips for Safety in Bali Drugs are illegal in Bali and strictly enforced. Follow us. Before you travel purchase travel insurance which covers HIV treatment and testing, not all travel insurances cover these procedures.

Essentials for Gay Bali
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