Waving california state colorful rainbow gay pride flag banner Waving

In , the rainbow flag came to further nationwide attention in the U. Illustration, Rainbow flag with hearts background Rainbow gay pride flag. The rainbow flag has found wide application on all manner of products. June 23, Cloudy sky Rainbow gay pride flag in green landscape.

Unlike the rainbow flag which represents all aspects of the LGBTQ community, the specific flags are used to represent one sexuality, gender or kink. Number of people.

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  • The History Box. The different colors are often associated with "diversity" in the gay community but actually have literal meanings.
  • A seven-colour rainbow flag is a common symbol of the international cooperative movement.
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Since the s, its symbolism has been transferred to represent the extended " LGBT " lesbian , gay , bisexual and transgender community. He pointed out that the rainbow symbolized unity in diversity and the power of light, enlightenment and progress. It consists of six vertical colored segments, the first five of which are usually blue, yellow, red, white, and orange, while the sixth is a combination of the first five.

South Africa flag referred to as the "rainbow flag". Inspired, Baker began working on a flag.

Waving california state colorful rainbow gay pride flag banner Waving
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