To deny that he is gay

Similarly, a person claiming this right to persecute within their employment think county clerk should be required to disclose this on their job application, so that they are not accidentally hired by decent people. I agree. I was with you until you said you wanted to meet your husband's gay friend-and wanted him to be a part of your family.

But respect him enough to have the freedom to identify as gay and now we are seperated.

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  • I am sorry it has taken a while to reply. I'm a once bitten twice shy kind of person and don't bounce back very easily, so I understand struggling and the deep hurt you're feeling.
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  • He also wants me to stay with him.
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  • He doesn't love you back and you can't make him, so just let it go. He didn't fit the mold.
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  • Face it if you where blindfolded and said your partner performing a sexual act on you has the same sexual orirntation as you when in fact they didn't would your physical response differ? We are still great friends and He will always have a little bit of my heart.
  • Most marriages could take lessons from the work these mixed-orientation marriages do to maintain intimacy and connection.
to deny that he is gay

And neither has your husband. I hope you both find a way forward- he probably has a lot of guilt which is tied up in self loathing, love for his family and lets face it - mess. We are finding that talking and then talking some more has helped. I was being starved of love and all that entailed.

To deny that he is gay
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